Collection: Septic Tank Risers

Homeowners often want to raise the lid on their septic tanks to provide an easier access when pumping is required.

Every situation is unique, considering the diameter and height of the riser and lid that need to be installed.
Measure the diameter of your septic tank’s access hole and how high you want to raise it. 

The riser cover must be installed at or above finished grade so that the area around the cover is graded to divert surface drainage


1 - The first component that you need in order to retrofit an existing concrete tank is a Tank Adapter Ring/Plate

2 - Once mounted to the tank, any combination of Polylok Risers and Lids will attach directly to this Adapter.  The risers are stackable giving great flexibility when bringing your access to grade.  Each riser locks into position and is fastened with included stainless steel screws.

3 - Choose a ready to go Polylok Riser System Kit or build your own!