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Polylok Septic Riser System KIT

Polylok Septic Riser System KIT

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This kit includes

1 -  Polylok Round Riser Adapter Ring - designed to connect the Polylok Septic Tank Risers or Lids to an existing concrete tank with square or round openings.

The adapter ring mounts directly to the tank and accepts the risers and lids as attachments. 

20" Adapter Ring fits a maximum hole size of 20" diameter if it is a round hole or a 20" diagonal of a square hole.  

24" Adapter Ring fits a maximum hole size of 24" diameter if it is a round hole, or a 24" diagonal of a square hole.  

*** If the hole on your tank is larger than above, CHOOSE the Large SQUARE Adapter Plate 

2 - Polylok Riser/Risers - will fit into the Polylok Risers or Polylok Adapter Ring and has a diameter of 20" or 24"  It can raise you tank by 2", 6", and 12" and they are stackable to create your desired height!

3 - Polylok Septic Tank Riser Lid - will fit only Polylok septic tank risers or Polylok adapter rings.

The cover locks into position and is fastened with included stainless steel screws.

Additional OPTIONS To Consider

  • Gasket or Silicon for Sealing Risers     Polyok Risers do not come with gaskets built-in.  Therefore, gaskets in between the risers on holding tanks or pump tanks are especially important in water prone areas.
  • Polylok Riser Safety Screen    The Polylok 20'' Safety Screen acts as a secondary layer of protection if the riser cover was unknowingly damaged or removed. The screen fits in the upper most riser stack of the Polylok Risers and prevents entry into the septic tank.  Fits 6" high and 12" high risers in the 20" diameter and the 6" high risers in t he 24" diameter ( will not work in the 2" high riser
  • Butyl Sealant      Use CS-102 Butyl Rubber Sealant between the adapter ring/plate and existing concrete tank. 3/4" wide x 14' long. The butyl sealant rope is used to seal the tank adapter ring to concrete, plastic, or fiberglass septic tanks. 
  • Adapter Installation Anchor Kit The adapter ring installation kit is used to mount and seal the Polylok tank adapter rings to a concrete tank. The kit includes concrete anchors, a masonry bit, and a closed cell foam gasket.

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