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Polylok Adapter Installation Anchor Kit

Polylok Adapter Installation Anchor Kit

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This kit will allow you to secure an Adapter Plate to an existing concrete tank to enable the addition of a Polylok Riser.

When installed properly, this will enable you to create a watertight connection.

The kit contains 8 anchor bolts, 1 drill bit and a closed cell foam gasket.

#3009-KIT (Adapter Installation Kit)

Installation Instructions:
  1. Locate adapter ring over access opening on top of tank
  2. Using a 1/4" masonry bit, drill 8 holes 1-1/4" deep on top of tank
  3. Clean under surface of adapter ring apply foam gasket or butyl
  4. Position adapter ring over opening, using 1/4" anchors, tap anchors into drilled holes and tighten with wrench
  5. Position appropriate riser and or cover and screw onto the adapter ring to provide a watertight connection



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