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Effluent Filters

Effluent Filters

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An effluent Filter is installed at the outlet baffle of your septic tank and will help prevent solids from entering your septic field.

PL-68 #30130 cartridge.  Slip into a housing unit made from PVC sewer pipe and a Tee. Ideal for residential waste flows up to 800 GPD. ( 3,028 L )

PL-68 #30130-CB cartridge. Easily slides into existing concrete baffles.  Includes factory installed 7" x 7" square neoprene gaskets. Ideal for residential waste flows up to 800 GPD.   ( 3,028 L )

PL-122 was the original Polylok filter. ( Housing unit and cartridge all in one ) It was the first filter on the market with an automatic shut-off ball installed with every filter. When the filter is removed for regular servicing, the ball will float up and prevent any solids from leaving the tank.  Ideal for residential waste flows up to 3,000 GPD ( 11,356 L )


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