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Polylok 24” Riser Cover

Polylok 24” Riser Cover

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The 24" Polylok septic tank riser lids will fit 24" Polylok septic tank risers, distribution box, drainage box or adapter rings. The cover locks into position and is fastened with included stainless steel screws.

The 24" covers are made of HDPE with the highest UV Protection on the market today. These covers will withstand normal residential traffic.

Lids include factory installed gasket for airtight and watertight applications.

Product Features

  • Flip Up Handles For Easy Removal
  • Factory Installed Gasket for Watertight Seal
  • Stainless Steel Screws Included
  • Fits Only Polylok Risers or Polylok Adapter Ring

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