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Polylok Square Tank Adapter Plate #3009-AR

Polylok Square Tank Adapter Plate #3009-AR

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The Polylok Square Tank Adapt Plate is designed to connect the Polylok Septic Tank Risers or Polylok Lids to an existing concrete tank with large square or round openings.

The Adapter Plate mounts directly to the tank and accepts the Polylok Risers and Polylok Lids as attachments. 

Product Features:

  • Accepts 20'' or 24'' Polylok Risers and Lids
  • The large square shape of this adapter allows it to cover up to a maximum 25'' x 25'' square opening.
  • Large, Flat Surface Area for Easy Tank Mounting


****When added to your cart with a Polylok Riser KIT the difference is only $56.00 (Regular price $98.00 )

As you are substituting out the Adapter Ring for this Adapter Plate

****If you add the Polylok Square Adapter Plate to you cart WITHOUT the Kit it will be the Regular price $98.00


Options to consider:

Closed Cell Foam Gasket

Butyl Rubber Sealant 3/4" x 14'

Adapter Plate Installation Anchor Kit

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