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Tanks Septic Xactics

Tanks Septic Xactics

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Corkum’s Pipe & Culvert Inc. offers Xactics tanks in Annapolis Valley and surroundings. Xactics™ is a manufacturer of polyethylene septic tanks in Canada, recognized around the world for their excellent quality.

A septic tank collects wastewater from a residential or commercial facility, separating solids from liquids and breaking down solids through a bacterial procedure before rejecting everything into a septic leeching field.

We stock three sizes of Xactics Septic Tanks:

#14.2350 500 Imp Gal  4900 Liters

#14.2800 600 Imp Gal  2800 Litres

#14.4700 1100 Imp Gal 4900 Liters

All models have a double compartment to further break the solids and includes an effluent filter.

No more digging!
Raise your Xactic Septic Lid to ground level. 
Add a Riser to your Xactic Septic Tank then reuse the existing lid that comes with the tank  

20” dia x 24” high

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