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Drain - 4” Coupling Split

Drain - 4” Coupling Split

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HDPE accessory with external connection, offers dimensional accuracy.

  • Allows the connection of pipes with plain ends, by encircling the junction point with a molded cover strip, which perfectly matches the corrugated pipe contour.
  • No friction and no internal obstruction, thus promoting flow.
  • This is a simple and economical system that prevents infiltration by coarse sand (soil tight).
  • Durable and lightweight, it is easy to handle and install.
  • Ensures a high-performing and resistant assembly.

Improved coupler: injected split coupling 100 mm (4 in) offers with new self-locking locks!


  • Self-locking locks allow quick and easy installation.
  • Thanks to its self-locking locks, no additional material is required to fix the accessory.
  • Adjusts to all pipes with curved rings.
  • Ensures greater restraint than the interior coupler.


 Model Shown: 2M100F

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