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Concrete Well Crock

Concrete Well Crock

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Well crocks are rings that fit together when stacked atop each other in the well. They form the well casing and come in a few standard sizes and can be an economical alternative to a drilled well.

36" inside dia ( 42" outside diameter ) x 18" high

36" inside dia ( 42" outside diameter ) x 30" high

Pick up or local delivery available ONLY

Delivery rates based on location 

** You will need a piece of equipment at delivery site to unload the Concrete culvert ends/headwalls ( example tractor, excavator etc )

Options to consider

Keep water out!
Use between the concrete well rings.

CS-665 Butyl Rubber Sealant Non-Toxic
Green in color

For concrete joints in: Drinking Water Cisterns and Potable Water Systems.

Each Roll is 3/4" wide x 14 1/2' long

Each 36” inside diameter crock will use 9 1/2’ of 
Butyl Rubber Sealant

Butyl Rubber Sealant remains flexible and forms a permanent bond to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, metals and plastics. I’m

This sealant is designed not to shrink, oxidize or harden and has excellent resistance to temperature extremes, acid and alkaline environments.


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